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Two girls holding a persimmon

Open House and Big Day of Giving

Open House You’re invited to check out our new office! Join us at our open house May 1st from 5:30pm to 8:00pm. We are very proud of our new office, as it is a milestone symbolic of how far the organization has come. Our progress has been a team effort, and...
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Snap Pea Mustache Craft

This simple craft idea is an activity we did with our kids in class. Once assembled, the snap pea image can be used as a mustache! You will need: - snap pea image - glue - popsicle stick Instructions: 1. Print out your snap pea image. Feel free to color...
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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! The day is traditionally spent surrounding oneself with family and as it turns out, humans bond really well over a good meal. Try your hand at one of these recipes. These are made in cute individual ramekins. This recipe is a unique twist on the traditional...
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I Ate It!

“Last year, I ate an apple everyday and someone asked me if I was in...
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“Organic fruits and vegetables have more vitamins and taste better!” – Kindergartener at Capitol Heights...
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Food Wiki


Do you remember being a kid, and only eating the head of the asparagus leaving...
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In Season

What's at markets and how to eat it.
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Food Literacy Summer Interns Needed!

Do you think food should be fun? Do you believe education is empowerment? Do want...
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Get Involved

Want to help us inspire change today?

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